LTE / 4G - Long Range Maritime Communication

Accelerate Connectivity: Advanced 5G Antennas for Superior High-Speed Communication and Efficiency


LTE / 4G - Long Range Mobile Communication

Expand Horizons: Leverage Long-Range Antennas for Uninterrupted Mobile Access Across Vast Distances


Secure bonding – Multiplying bandwidth

Expand Connectivity: Secure Bandwidth Multiplication for Reliable Communication

Innovators in Global Communication

sputnik 24®

Sputnik 24® is a leader in wireless mobile communication, offering comprehensive solutions for maritime and mobile sectors. Based in Germany, we specialize in antennas, network design, and bandwidth management. Our mission is to enhance connectivity through state-of-the-art technology, ensuring reliable, global communication services.

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Antenne Sputnik 24

sputnik 24® Benefits:

Global Access

Worldwide connectivity with our advanced long range systems.

Easy Installation

One-cable solution simplifies setup, saving time and effort.

Durable Design

Weather-proof antennas built for open sea and harsh environment conditions.

Energy Efficient

Low power consumption meets high-performance standards.

High Speed

Up to 600 Mbit/s for seamless, fast data transfer.

Quality Assurance

German-engineered for reliability, backed by patents.

Unified Network Architecture: Optimizing Connectivity.

Dual Antenna Integration for Comprehensive Coverage

Expert Consulting for Advanced Solutions

Customized Expertise in Antenna Design, RF Consulting, and Secure Network Solutions!

Our Antennas.


Peak Data Speed


Maximum Range


Innovations Patented

FAQs: Discover More About Our Solutions.

What makes sputnik 24® antennas unique?

Our antennas feature easy installation, UV stability, weatherproof design, and patented technology for long-range access, ensuring high gain and ultra-wide broadband capabilities with low power consumption.

How do sputnik 24® solutions enhance mobile internet connectivity?

We offer up to 600 Mbit/s bonding IP streams via antennas, enabling multiple devices to be online simultaneously with automatic handover from LTE to 3G, ensuring high-speed internet up to 50 nm.

Can I use my own SIM card with sputnik 24® antennas?

Yes, our land mobile and maritime customers can use their own SIM cards without extra costs, providing flexible and cost-effective internet access on sea and land.

What support does sputnik 24® offer for installation and maintenance?

We provide a professional product manufactured under high German quality standards, including overvoltage/surge protection and a single cable solution for easy connection to onboard traffic management and routers.

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